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Aspect Model Editor

Aspect model editor


The Aspect Model Editor is a visual editor for Aspect Models, which automatically validates the models against the open-source BAMM Aspect Meta Model version 1.0.0. All concepts, possibilities, and restrictions defined by the BAMM Aspect Meta Model are incorporated in the Aspect Model Editor in a convenient way with a smart user flow.

Typically, Aspect Models are edited as code, that is, text-based. With the Aspect Model Editor, such code gets visualized so that relationships and dependencies within the model can be understood quickly and easily.

Aspect Models can be exported as TTL files and imported from TTL files at any moment during the work on the model. By that, the Aspect Model Editor caters to all working preferences.


The Aspect Model Editor is available as open source and can be downloaded at GitHub.

Documentation & Installation

See https://openmanufacturingplatform.github.io/sds-documentation/ame-guide/ (choose version).

To install the Aspect Model Editor find the chapter for installation in the documentation.