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There are many places to save energy. We will show you them in real time.

Nexeed Energy Platform

Optimal use of energy and resources: Capture energy consumption in real-time and control production processes with connected energy management 4.0.

There are many places to save energy. We will show you them in real time.

Whether through the centralized management of production orders or the digitization of the internal material flow: The Material Flow Management package optimizes the processes on the shop floor with real-time data and increases the efficiency on the line and in the supermarket.

Thus, incoming orders are automatically allocated and processed. At the same time, the position and quantity of the required material, as well as the exact path, are known at all times. This reduces searching and booking efforts to a minimum and makes work considerably easier.

Benchmarking of plants and machines

Benchmarking of plants and machines

The Nexeed Energy Platform combines data from various sources, such as measured values from meters and sensors, information from building management systems or produced quantities. From all incoming data, the software solution calculates exactly the right key figures for evaluating energy and resource efficiency. This enables manufacturing companies to compare efficiency and plan optimizations for individual machines or even several plants across different locations.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

When machines are connected to the Energy Platform, the wear of system components is continuously monitored. If a limit value is exceeded, a pre-defined maintenance process is automatically triggered. For example, required spare parts can be automatically picked to the machine, repair orders can be planned and the responsible maintenance technician can be informed in order to simplify the replacement of components. The Nexeed Energy platform from Bosch automates complex processes in a meaningful way and creates time for associates to focus on optimization projects.

Reduction of peak loads

Reduction of peak loads

The handling of peak loads is also an important topic in production. Often, attempts are made to reduce peak loads only by switching off consumers - but taking into consideration the energy generation of local producers, such as photovoltaic systems, would significantly reduce costs. With the Nexeed Energy Platform, manufacturing companies can implement intelligent load management: Using all necessary data, such as production planning or current weather information, the Energy Platform automatically determines a forecast of the total power consumption in a plant. In order to cover demand, the available producers are also included in the planning. To reduce load peaks, the Energy Platform then automatically manages loads and generators.

Energy Platform: Everything in one solution


Intuitive creation of dashboards and energy reports, also on the basis of existing templates


Real-time analysis of data in configurable diagrams for comparison of machines


Tracking of measures and activities for increasing energy efficiency

Load Control

Control of consumers and energy producers for reduction of load peaks or base load

Datapoint Composer

Calculation of extensive mathematical operations using a graphical editor

Rules Management

Alarm generation and automatic response to events using freely definable rules

Less routine, higher productivity

The Nexeed Energy Platform turns energy data into meaningful key figures. In this way, you not only reduce costs, but also lay a comprehensive foundation for groundbreaking business decisions.

Reduction of costs

By benchmarking production equipment and implementing efficiency measures, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are sustainably reduced.

Security and reliability of production

The Energy Platform monitors equipment and machinery. Alarm generation in real time and condition-based repair increase availability for production.

Reduced effort for employees

Easy creation of energy reports and automatic evaluation of all data thanks to a standardized user interface reduce the effort needed for routine activities.

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