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Quick identification of bottlenecks in production lines

Line Bottleneck Detection

Quick identification of bottlenecks on production lines

Line Bottleneck Detection detects holdups in production lines

Benefits at a glance:

High transparency

through heatmap depiction of the line

Easy identification of causes

thanks to historical data

Identify optimization potential

and correct faults faster

Quick and effective line optimization

Fast and effective line optimization

Detecting bottlenecks and irregularities in production lines and preventing production delays – that’s the task of the Line Bottleneck Detection application. The attached sensors transmit the data to browser-based terminals. Production staff always has an eye on the line. Different data of an entire line is visualized as heat maps.

An algorithm determines the weaknesses of the line so that the employees can react quickly to malfunctions. Production managers recognize short-term optimization potential based on the daily updated data. Thanks to the recorded data, they can quickly determine how failures could have occurred. These overall overviews, which can be extended to any period, provide the CEO with the necessary information basis for efficiency-enhancing decisions.

The main functions of the Line Bottleneck Detection

History Heatmap
Live Heatmap
  • History Heatmap
  • Live Heatmap

  • Visualization of the line and bottlenecks by a heatmap
  • Identification of the machine that triggers an OEE loss through an algorithm
  • Representation of historical data for the production line

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