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Capturing the most important KPIs of production machines

Line KPI

Capturing the most important KPIs of production machines

Line KPI reveals improvement potential of production machines

Benefits at a glance:

Three functions for maximum transparency

Line OEE view, hourly productivity, cycle time diagram

Fast identification of optimization potential

thanks to transparent visualization

Optimal OEE overview

across entire lines

Identification of optimization potential on machine basis

Identification of optimization potential on machine basis

If the reasons for inadequate line performance are unknown, the Line KPI application helps. It supports production managers in identifying the greatest optimization potential of machine-based production lines. This allows the introduction of targeted improvement measures and the increase of overall efficiency. Three functions help to increase transparency.

The line OEE view can be used to display the overall line efficiency of a complete production line. You can see at a glance where there is potential for optimization. The productivity per hour shows how many parts have been planned or are executed and how high the scrap rate is. With the cycle time diagram, you can see immediately at which stations, for example, average cycle times are exceeded.

Main functions of the Line KPI

History Cycle Time
History Hourly Count
History OEE
  • History Cycle Time
  • History Hourly Count
  • History OEE

  • The Line OEE view shows the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of a complete production line
  • The digital time sheet shows important production figures, such as planned /actual parts produced, rejects and rework
  • The cycle time diagram shows the target cycle time for the line and the stations

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