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Master Data Management for secure, central, cross-application master data creation and management

Master Data Management

Central, cross-application master data creation and management

Unique, central creation of master data across all applications

Benefits at a glance:

Avoiding redundancies

Central, cross-application creation of master data.

Fully depict the company

Physical and topological information allows overviews and queries across the entire production and logistics.

Creating a strong base

Both devices as well as error definitions can be created together with all the important information; new applications access the database directly.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management as a basis for interoperability

As the central master database, Master Data Management forms the prerequisite for the interoperability of Nexeed applications. Equipment master data and error definitions are managed centrally - all installed applications can access this information. This avoids redundancies completely.

Access to Master Data Management is easy and convenient via the Web Portal. All master data can be viewed, created and edited here by authorized users, such as the system administrator. Thanks to the opportunity to specify both physical as well as topological data, a complete metamodel of production is gradually emerging, including a variety of query options.

Main functions of Master Data Management

Measuring points can be easily added, adjusted and also removed again
View of the defined measuring points of a device in Master Data Management
Equipment master data are centrally managed
View of the devices in Master Data Management
  • Measuring points can be easily added, adjusted and also removed again
  • Equipment master data are centrally managed

  • Quick creation of new devices and device types
  • Adding or also removing measurement points, error definitions, and instances
  • Easy merging of multiple devices into individual topologies

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