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Efficient Ticket Management ticket management for quick, qualified remedying of machine faults with Nexeed

Ticket Management

Fast, qualified remedying of machine faults

An efficient system for the maintenance and repair of machines and installations

Benefits at a glance:

Fewer machine shutdowns

Immediate information in case of machine and system faults

Demand-oriented efficient delegation

According to the qualifications and availability of the staff

Quicker finding of solutions

Multilingual knowledge database can be built into the system

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Work efficiently during maintenance

With the Ticket Management Application, the remedying of machine faults is considerably facilitated: Depending on their qualifications, machine operators and maintenance personnel receive service messages and can thus react quicker and in a more target-oriented fashion.

In case of failures, for example, tickets are automatically generated. These are collected in an overview and sorted by status. The assignment of the tickets is based on the situation. This means that only employees with the suitable qualifications and the appropriate responsibility for the affected machine receive a ticket. Besides the automatic delegation, each ticket also features escalation mechanisms.

For the purposes of continuously maintaining and expanding the knowledge database for maintenance and repair service, solution recommendations can be stored in the local language. The service process history thus serves as the basis for continuous optimization, while standardized reports quickly make long-term success visible.

Main functions of Ticket Management

Main functions of Ticket Management
Main functions of Ticket Management
  • Main functions of Ticket Management
  • Main functions of Ticket Management

  • Ticket Mapping Management (for example, tickets can be automatically assigned to a user with specific qualifications)
  • Qualification Management & Assignment (management of user qualifications)
  • Display and edit ticket details (title, status, error code, severity, updated timestamp, event count, device name, description, note)
  • Display, accept, receive, return, close or delegate tickets (based on user group and permissions)
  • Status information about the devices (operational status, unresolved and scheduled tickets)

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