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Web seminar: Industry 4.0 meets Lean

Web seminar: Industry 4.0 meets Lean

Solving challenges in production, logistics and energy management

Industry 4.0 software as the enabler for greater efficiency and lower costs

Industrie 4.0 Software als Enabler für mehr Effizienz und geringere Kosten

Challenges in production and logistics can best be mastered by efficiently designing the entire value chain. Industry 4.0 helps to achieve maximum efficiency: With its comprehensive software portfolio, Bosch Connected Industry has created solutions for the vertical integration of IT systems, from the shop floor to the top floor - setting the course for lean production processes with maximum transparency, traceability and efficiency.

Our web seminar will show how this works with successful use cases from Bosch plants and customers. Find out, for example, how our Nexeed Energy Platform can be used to effectively save costs and at the same time produce in a more environmentally friendly way.


  • How Industry 4.0 software solves the challenges in production and logistics
  • Integration of Industry 4.0 software into existing IT landscapes
  • Consistent avoidance of waste with the Nexeed Energy Platform

Many thanks to Ecoplus

The web seminar is a recording from September 10, 2020 and was conducted by Ecoplus, The Business Agency of Lower Austria. Additional information about Ecoplus and its services can be found at https://www.ecoplus.at/

Ecoplus - The Business Agency of Lower Austria

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