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Predictive Maintenance Use Case web seminar
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How to implement predictive maintenance use cases in just 30 minutes

For less machine downtime during production

Learn #Like a Bosch - your new skills after the predictive maintenance web seminar


Use case identification

Methods for identifying problems in maintenance

Use case implementation

Methods for solving a problem in maintenance

Using I4.0 software

Practical example for the targeted use of software in maintenance

Apply new knowledge independently - thanks to our practical web seminar

Predictive Webinar web seminar content

We do not carry out digitization "on principle": Each use case arises from a real challenge in the field of predictive maintenance - for example, missing notifications for clogged filters that can lead to machine breakdowns. In our practice-oriented web seminars, we explain how to identify such problems and how to find the right solution. In just 30 minutes with Industrie 4.0, you will get all the information that you need for your daily routine.

What to expect in the web seminar:

  • Identify use cases and create user stories: Find, understand and specify use cases in the workplace and define the people involved - who is affected, who benefits, and why are we performing the use case?
  • Set up solution architecture and display data flow mapping: Which basic technical components are required and how do they work together? Which data points from the machine to the shop floor do I need for the solution and what useful information do I get in the end?
  • Implementing predictive maintenance use cases with Industrie 4.0 software: What adaptations must be made to the software to implement the use case?