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Digitization for automotive suppliers from a single source

Join us on the cost-efficient digitization offensive

What happens to your own production data when car manufacturers make new demands on the supplier industry with digital production platforms? How do medium-sized companies manage the balancing act between data sovereignty and an affordable solution? To answer these questions, we have developed the new Industrial Edge Cloud Appliance ONCITE together with German Edge Cloud and IoTOS.


We know that automotive suppliers are increasingly faced with the challenge of collecting their production and quality-relevant data themselves and transferring it to their customers' central Industrial Cloud platforms in a structured industrial Track&Trace format. At the same time, they want to retain control over their production-relevant data.

We are convinced that the supplier industry needs a reliable partner who focuses on both data security and the cost factor for implementing new technologies. We want to be this partner. Together with German Edge Cloud GmbH and IoTOS GmbH, we have developed ONCITE, an Industrial Edge Cloud Appliance that meets these requirements.

The plug and produce solution ONCITE is based on a highly available and flexibly scalable Edge Cloud data center from German Edge Cloud and Rittal. Industrial applications from Bosch Connected Industry, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS create an ecosystem that is offered and distributed on demand in a managed IT services model.

As one of the industrial applications, our Nexeed Production Performance Manager ensures greater transparency and efficiency in manufacturing. Machine downtime can be reduced to a minimum thanks to condition monitoring, process data analysis and predictive maintenance. As a supplier, you increase your own productivity and product quality while securing your customer relationships and competitiveness.

Your benefits at a glance

Cost-efficient digitization

ONCITE is the custom-fit, cost-effective connectivity solution for automotive suppliers

Complete data sovereignty

You always retain control over your data and its secure transmission


All-in-one solution

With ONCITE you get a highly available turnkey solution from a single source