Optimization of order and storage management with the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Manufacture #LikeABosch

We digitalize your entire value chain!

Digitalize #LikeABosch

Digitalize your value chain!

Always keep an eye on production and logistics! With the industry 4.0 software NEXEED, you can digitalize your entire value chain quickly and efficiently – from connected lines to the smart material flow. NEXEED flexibly adapts to your requirements to make work easier for you and your colleagues. Our versatile solutions also work in the cloud. Learn more about NEXEED!

Connect machines #LikeABosch

Connect and manage your machines!

Whether you are a machine builder or a plant operator – you have probably asked yourself how you should connect and manage your machine park without losing track of things. Do it #LikeABosch and connect both old and new machines quickly and easily.

Predict Downtime #LikeABosch

Prevent downtimes!

"Warning, engine overheated!" By the time you get this message, it's (almost) too late. In the intelligent factory, sophisticated software ensures that this doesn't happen in the first place. You receive reliable warnings before wear and tear or machine downtime occurs.

Phone Check #LikeABosch

See your production at a glance!

A quick glance at your tablet – and you'll discover optimization potential in production and can correct errors in next to no time. All relevant data is available in real time, no matter where you are! So you have a complete overview and can make the right decision immediately.

Never stressed #LikeABosch

Make abstract data understandable!

With the Digital Twin everyone speaks a common language: different user groups, hardware and software. The Digital Twin links abstract data with corresponding context information. This gives you access to exactly the comprehensibly prepared data you need and allows you to work even more closely with other users.

So efficient #LikeABosch

Increase your efficiency!

Sit back and relax or rather check the production on your mobile device again? Do both! Thanks to live process monitoring, in-depth data analysis to avoid machine breakdowns and the continuous status recording with immediate error messages, you can always react in good time.

Supply #LikeABosch

Organize your supermarket!

A perfectly assorted shopfloor supermarket is no problem with Stock Management: thanks to real-time data, the system knows exactly when you or one of your colleagues have made a mistake during storage - and shows you by put-to-light signal where the material really belongs.

Deliver #LikeABosch

Optimize your milk run trains!

Many milk run trains only run half-loaded on predefined routes in the production halls. Transport Management helps you to optimize transport routes and tours. For example, the algorithm also calculates when additional trips are necessary in case of bottlenecks and where one-way streets make sense to protect your colleagues.

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