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#NEXEEDit – Launch of new image campaign

#NEXEEDit – have you already come across our new hashtag?

It is more than just a hashtag. It’s a full campaign highlighting:


What is possible in industrial digitization today and tomorrow.

The current times are certainly the most challenging ones for decades. Preparation for what lies ahead is eminent more than ever. We open up a large range of digitization possibilities in manufacturing and logistics.

The enormous potential of Bosch Connected Industry.

Based on our extensive industrial experience in our around 270 plants and 700 warehouses, we offer far more than “simple” connectivity. We provide all required end-to-end services, from prior on-site consulting to staff training and implementation support. Our goal is to establish a collaborative, trusting partnership with our customers in every project.

Our software solution portfolio.

NEXEED stretches across the entire value chain from suppliers up to end users. We provide solutions for machine users, machine builders and logistics providers. With NEXEED, we have developed, tested and improved solutions for fast and easy digitization of both old and new machines and factories.

The new campaign is called NEXEED it.

Whoever sucessfully digitizes factories or even the supply chain with NEXEED, will NEXEED it! Watch now!


Challenging times make it necessary to rethink the way we work. Digitization is no longer an option; it is a requirement in industrial operations. We need to move, and are moving, towards better connectivity and more sustainable processes, with a positive impact on our environment.

Welcome to the Factory of the Future! From single connected machines to smart material flows, Bosch not only uses these technologies. We develop them in our own factories and implement them across our many plants and warehouses worldwide.

One of these solutions is NEXEED – our Industry 4.0 software. NEXEED is flexible, modular and easy to implement on both old and new machines, thus fulfilling even the most specific customer requirements. This results in increased competitiveness, a fast Return on Investment, higher transparency and efficiency.

What’s more: there’s no need to invest huge amounts. All you need to do is get started. Together we will shape your digital journey towards a more connected and more sustainable industrial future.

Let’s NEXEED it together. With Bosch Connected Industry.

Feel up for more?

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