Bosch Connected Industry
For a smooth and efficient material flow


For a smooth and efficient material flow

Synchronizing the real and digital material flow for maximum transparency

Benefits at a glance:

Synchronization of the real and digital material flow

Transparency across all milk runs, orders and material bookings


Time and cost savings thanks to automated booking and intelligent space usage

Applications of the Intralogistics package in detail

Stock Management

Stock Management

The stock management application digitalizes the internal material flow and thus facilitates logisticians’ work. Thanks to the newly gained transparency, they always know the position and quantity of production materials. The material and information flows are synchronized in real time.

Transport Management

Transport Management

The Transport Management application plans and optimizes the entire internal transport with milk runs in real time. All vehicles are registered in the system with their characteristics such as loading capacities and scheduled routes. The optimal route for each milk run is calculated from live data such as current loading status, position and degree of loading.

For a smooth and efficient flow of goods

The Intralogistics package enables logistics managers and material flow planners to keep the flow of goods going and to make it as efficient as possible. It ensures that all required material arrives at the right time at the place where it is needed internally.

The responsible logistics manager knows at any time in real time which and how many production materials and milk runs are available and where they are located. This full transparency enables the permanent optimization of internal transport and warehouse management.

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