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For a smooth and efficient material flow


For a smooth and efficient material flow

Synchronizing the real and digital material flow for maximum transparency

Benefits at a glance:

Synchronization of the real and digital material flow

Transparency across all milk runs, orders and material bookings


Time and cost savings thanks to automated booking and intelligent space usage

Applications of the Intralogistics package in detail

Stock Management

Stock Management

The stock management application digitalizes the internal material flow and thus facilitates logisticians’ work. Thanks to the newly gained transparency, they always know the position and quantity of production materials. The material and information flows are synchronized in real time.

Transport Management

Transport Management

The Transport Management application plans and optimizes the entire internal transport with milk runs in real time. All vehicles are registered in the system with their characteristics such as loading capacities and scheduled routes. The optimal route for each milk run is calculated from live data such as current loading status, position and degree of loading.

For a smooth and efficient flow of goods

The Intralogistics package enables logistics managers and material flow planners to keep the flow of goods going and to make it as efficient as possible. It ensures that all required material arrives at the right time at the place where it is needed internally.

The responsible logistics manager knows at any time in real time which and how many production materials and milk runs are available and where they are located. This full transparency enables the permanent optimization of internal transport and warehouse management.

Use cases Intralogistics (Stock Management)

Transparency of stocks and inventory

Transparency of stocks and inventory

Synchronization of information and material flow

Knowing which material is where at any time – thanks to Stock Management

The Intelligent Supermarket

If the flow of information and material in internal logistics is not synchronized, then it quickly becomes confusing – and not only for logistics specialists but also for all those in production who depend on the fast delivery of required materials. Stock Management digitizes the flow of materials: Thanks to automatic in and out booking, everyone knows at all times which material is located where. This simplifies the search and makes taking inventory much faster and more transparent.

Failure-free material bookings

Failure-free material bookings

Product quality assured

Stock Management ensures correct bookings – and thus consistently high quality

Reduced effort, low susceptibility to errors

It is well known that the error rate is highest for parts that look (almost) identical, since mix-ups can quickly occur. In this case, intralogistics is responsible for booking the material on the correct lane in the supermarket. This is often not easy with long rows of shelves and similar parts. Thanks to the Put-to-Light signal from Stock Management, every employee knows on which lane certain parts are to be provided – and is immediately alerted by a light signal in case of errors. This reduces both the failure rate and the manual search effort.

Optimized space utilization

Optimized space utilization

Free lanes used optimally

With Stock Management, it's always 'free lane ahead'!

Dynamic Lane Management

A great deal of space is needed to provide material – especially if each lane is intended exclusively for a certain type of material. This is where Stock Management comes in: As soon as a lane becomes available in the supermarket, it is available to the other material numbers. The application assigns the new material number to the lane, and updates the information in the booking system when the material is placed on the lane. This saves otherwise unused space and ultimately cash.

Use cases Intralogistics (Transport Management)

Optimal planning

Optimal planning

Neither over nor under capacities

The best possible planning of personnel and material requirements – this is not a contradiction!

Production and personnel in harmony

Production and personnel – both key indicators are subject to permanent fluctuations: Whether the production volume or the availability of personnel fluctuates is almost secondary. It is important that the current events are coordinated. Transport Management takes care of that: All actual transport requirements are automatically distributed to the available capacities and efficient tours are created.

No more static routes

No more static routes

Efficient planning of milk runs

Thanks to Transport Management, static milk runs are a thing of the past.

Flexible milk run trains

Milk runs often have low utilization rates. Statically defined routes and unnecessary stops with very little material cost time and money. With Transport Management, both the number and the frequency of milk run trains can be reduced: The tour planning ensures optimum utilization by planning upcoming and new transport requirements in real time. In this way, orders can be planned and processed both flexibly and efficiently as required.

Automated bookings

Automated bookings

Transport material easily by AGV

With Transport Management, AGVs become really intelligent – and this saves time and money.

AGVs become intelligent

AGVs do not automatically know where the material to be transported is available for collection and where exactly it has to go. Transport Management answers these questions. This application identifies the relevant supermarket and the exact source for collection. At the same time, a reservation is placed in the destination supermarket. Thanks to the status feedback from the AGVs, the in and out booking at the supermarket takes place automatically.

Prioritization of transport requirements

Prioritization of transport requirements

The right material at the right time

Whoever arrives first delivers first? No, with Transport Management there is intelligent prioritization.

Automatic prioritization

When does which line need material most urgently? Neither employees nor milk runs can know that. If at all, this is only apparent to experienced logistics specialists. Transport Management automatically prioritizes the transport requirements and visualizes them for everyone involved. Based on the replenishment time, intelligent algorithms calculate the priority and distribute the transport requirements to the milk run tours according to the priority.

Integration of new stations

Integration of new stations

Automated assignment

Thanks to Transport Management, new stations are no longer a stress factor.

Automatic integration of new stations

If there is a new line or a new station in a plant, then intralogistics is faced with enormous challenges: The new stations must be included in existing milk run routes. What would earlier have ended up in extremely long tables is now very easy with Transport Management: New stations can be easily created, assigned and incorporated into existing milk run tours via the user interface. The distribution of the transport requirements over tours and the efficient utilization of vehicles is calculated automatically. This saves a great deal of time for calculations and money for implementation.

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