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Control plus

Control plus

The independent automation software for your machines

With the automation software Control plus from Nexeed Automation, we provide an integrated, innovative and sustainable software system for the whole machine life cycle: from machine planning to machine programming, from simulation and engineering to commissioning, from machine control to machine connectivity, from machine delivery to machine operation in production. In each phase, you can find our easy-to-use tools from Nexeed Automation.

Thanks to the intuitive development environment of Control plus with object-oriented structuring, machines can be quickly designed and commissioned. Machines based on Control plus provide an impressively high degree of efficiency and transparency in operation: among other things, they can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, since the integrated OPC UA interfaces enable manufacturer and platform-independent data exchange with other IT systems.

Don't miss our novelties

Don't miss our novelties

Machine control rethought

The second generation of the Control plus system is based on the first generation and contains all the functions of the V1 with a specific development focus on user interaction during operation. The user interface has been evaluated through numerous user tests to ensure optimal operation of the system. This represents an enormous added value compared to the V1. The seamless integration of the assistance systems into the user interface is also one of the results of the user tests. Thus, the 3D navigation integrates itself just as seamlessly into the operation as, for example, the cycle time analysis or other assistance and analysis functions.

Control plus V2 is licensed based on the performance of the control hardware used. This reduces the license price for e.g. small manual assembly stations compared to large automatic machines. Control plus V2 is our current product version which is constantly being expanded with new functions. For example, the control system ctrlX from Rexroth will be supported next year. Look forward to further exciting and useful functions in Control plus V2.

  • Check your SPS code simply by clicking with the Code Checker
    Check your SPS code simply by click with the Code Checker
  • Framework
Non-proprietary tool for fast and efficient project creation

Fast project creation with Control plus Studio - independent of the control

The Control plus studio is the central development tool for your project. This is where you program your project quickly and efficiently, independent of the control system manufacturer. Benefit from the unique system of central data input for control, visualization and data management.

Individual user interfaces for different user needs

Create machine visualizations with the Control plus HMI Editor

Machine visualization is fully integrated in the Control plus studio with display and editing functions. Visualization has a standardized basic framework with functionalities for user management, operating mode switchover, language setting, and fault display. The functions can be simply positioned by drag&drop. The use of objects offers many benefits: They include the control code as well as the matching visualization. In addition, Control plus can configure several user interfaces for each machine.

Model-based software development for IEC61131 systems

Model-based software development for IEC61131 systems

The model-based framework is the core of the Control plus software system. It includes the complete software system and combines the disciplines of IEC 61131programming, development of machine visualization and the configuration of data management. The framework forms the basis for the consistent display of cross-discipline features. Framework features are shown in full and do not require reprogramming but rather safeguard efficiency in the development and operation of machines.

Comprehensive object library for easy modular engineering by drag & drop

Comprehensive object library for easy modular engineering by drag & drop

In addition to the templates, Control plus offers a high number of encapsulated, tested and reusable objects. These are managed within the object library, regularly upgraded and kept up-to-date. The object library can be viewed with the Object Browser; each object is displayed with all its properties. Use of the objects provided reduces development costs. However, your projects still retain full flexibility and independence: new, selfcreated objects can be added to an additional library if required. To do so, the programmer can use their usual development environment and import the individually programmed objects there. We would be happy to help you create new objects – whether as implementer or through comprehensive training for your developers. Regardless of their source, all objects can be integrated into the project using drag and drop and directly used in process chains (SFC). This means that you can implement your projects quickly and easily with precisely the objects that are needed.

Benefits at a glance


Reduced development costs through use of an SW framework


Shorter development times and reduced project risk thanks to modular engineering

Intuitive and standardized operating concept

Apps provide high production transparency


Open, standardized interfaces, e.g. for easy integration into IT systems


Experience from more than 22,000 applications in Bosch plants worldwide

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