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Smartly integrated technologies

Smartly integrated technologies

Intelligent functional extensions for maximum efficiency

When it comes to the diversity and fast-paced nature of automation technology, this multiplicity is responsible for complex and heterogeneous control topologies sometimes being applied or generated in projects. Often, secondary subsystems are used to implement tasks such as image processing, robotics or even measuring technology. Only rarely do these offer the opportunity to transfer or reuse knowledge or engineering data from control technology.

In addition, these subsystems demand expert knowledge, which require machine engineers and machine operators to train selected specialists for these topics and make them available long term. Control plus offers function extensions for precisely this problem. These can easily be licensed using software on the automation system and offer the advantage of connecting directly to the runtime system, visualization and engineering data.

Technology packages

Integrated Vision - optical quality control and identification directly on the PLC hardware

Integrated Vision - optical quality control and identification directly on the PLC hardware

Integrated Vision brings image processing to the PLC. The lightweight HDE2 Runtime can perform image processing processes directly on the PLC for minimal hardware and installation costs. Pictures and events are visualized in the Nexeed Automation HMI. CPU-intensive image processing applications can be outsourced to an additional computer without software changes using an easy configuration. PLC and image processing communicate via the OPC UA server of the PLC. Through this, Integrated Vision can read and write released PLC variables directly.

Integrated Robotics - Seamless: robot programming

Integrated Robotics - Seamless: robot programming

The conventional robot interface is based on jobs that are programmed by special robotics experts and retrieved by the PLC. Integrated robotics extends this interface to point-based communication. The API developed on this basis enables variable programming of the robot directly in your PLC sequences. Through the support of coordinate systems and the comprehensive management of tools, Integrated Robotics allows robotics applications to be applied in a standardized and manufacturer-neutral way. It therefore reduces the need for robot manufacturer-specific programmer expertise. This makes them more flexible, integrated and powerful. Ready-made HMI interfaces enable an intuitive procedure and teaching of the robot as well as quick learning directly in the system visualization. Robot fault reports can be shown at a centralized point in the station HMI. A connection to all information services is available directly through integration into the Nexeed Automation platform.

Integrated Dispensing - dispensing process even without profound CNC code knowledge

dispensing process even without profound CNC code knowledge

Simple commands as well as an integrated path visualization allow the user to plan a dispensing process in the process editor even without profound CNC code knowledge. The dispensing path as well as the distribution of quantity on this path can be changed or newly created in the process editor independently of the control program. The process editor is available as an HMI app as well as desktop application. The PDL-Addon allows for a simple access of the process editor data inside the PLC.

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