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Shopfloor Management

Make decisions efficiently

Continuous optimization of ongoing production by making it more transparent – with the IIoT Software Nexeed Industrial Application System

All important KPIs in one system

Everyone involved in manufacturing – CEO, plant or production managers – needs transparent operations to be able to make efficiency-increasing decisions. The Shopfloor Management enables continuous optimization of ongoing production by making it more transparent. In a global production network, a large number of standardized KPI can be compared and sorted according to business area, product group or plants across sites and in near real time.

The analysis of bottlenecks, malfunctions or inadequate performance can be adjusted to the required level of detail for the individual viewer. The Shopfloor Management area of use is constantly being expanded with additional functionalities and modules. In the future, for example, adaptive dashboards will make morning rounds more efficient. Moreover, all limit breaches, errors, and unexpected events, including reasons, are collected in a database. This way, deviations can be quickly identified.

Shopfloor Management from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Shopfloor Management in the Nexeed Industrial Application System

As an area of use of the Nexeed Industrial Application System, Shopfloor Management addresses the specific challenges and pain points of a certain user group. The areas of use and their modules can be configured and assembled according to individual needs. This way, every user receives optimum support in everyday use.

Shopfloor Management area of use from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Modules at a glance

Global Production Overview

Global Production Overview

Identical products are often manufactured at different locations worldwide. The Global Production Overview module provides a quick overview, as well as a comparison of standardized KPIs such as number of units, degree of utilization, or OEE. The current status can be displayed clearly in map or tabular form, all the way down to the line level. Those responsible can see at a glance how, for example, a specific type of line is performing worldwide.

KPI Reporting

KPI Reporting

Is my line meeting its target? And if not, why not? The KPI Reporting module provides all the relevant key figures in clearly visualized reports, from a general overview to unplanned breakdowns and cycle times. This enables users to get to the bottom of the causes of any production stops or errors based on actual/target analyses – and to make readjustments.

Shift Book

Shift Book

Many processes in production are still paper-based to date – from shift planning to planned downtimes through to recording unplanned production errors. This is where the Shift Book module comes into play: it collects the data required for all further analyses, evaluations, and deductions. This allows employees to better focus on the reasons for downtimes or process errors, as well as on eliminating the causes and achieving the relevant key figures.

Further modules to follow

Further modules to follow

The Nexeed Industrial Application System is an agile software that is developed in an iterative manner together with its users. We are continuously creating new modules for each area of use, which we will make available to you shortly.

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