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The software microscope for process and quality engineers

Product & Quality

The software microscope for process and quality engineers

Real-time information for optimizing processes and product quality

Benefits at a glance:

Process and quality data can be visualized in real time

Analyses functions for systematic identification of errors

Standardized connection to Node-RED for easy data pre-processing

Applications of the Product & Quality package in detail

Process Quality

Process Quality

The Process Quality application monitors and documents process data in real-time. This forms the basis for a transparent, error-free and continuous process with as few deviations and rejects as possible.
The result: high-quality products at any time.

Data Processing

Data Pre-Processing

By providing a standardized interface to Node-RED, the Data
Pre-Processing application easily pre-processes raw data from old and new machines, putting it into the right "format". Once the process has been created, it can be scaled to the complete machine park.

The software microscope for process and quality engineers

When it comes to product quality, the smallest details are extremely important: a few millimeters or even micrometers can turn a workpiece into scrap. The Product & Quality package provides exactly the information needed to optimize production regarding product quality.

The Product & Quality package makes data sources heterogeneous – from old machines to modern sensor technology. Thanks to an interface to the open source software Node-RED, even complex pre-processing processes are possible and freely scalable.

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