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Always knowing the exact condition of each machine

Machine & Equipment

Always knowing the exact condition of each machine

The individual view of every single machine in real time

Benefits at a glance:

Production and machine data is collected, harmonized and visualized centrally

Users can configure rules for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Individual dashboard adaptations with evaluation options

Applications of the Machine & Equipment Package in detail

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

The Condition Monitoring application allows production and machine data to be collected centrally, harmonized and called up by maintenance and process engineers on any mobile device as required. This makes it easier to monitor production and systematically optimize it.

Always knowing the exact condition of each machine

The machine is the heart of production. With the Machine & Equipment package, process engineers, maintenance staff and machine operators know exactly how it is doing at all times. Production and machine data is centrally collected, harmonized and visualized.

This creates a comprehensive picture of the current machine status, enabling employees to make short-term decisions in the event of errors or malfunctions. Thanks to the freely adaptable dashboard, each user only receives the information that is helpful for his own work.

Use cases Machine & Equipment

Clean lubricants and filters

Clean lubricants and filters

Secure system performance for the long term

Use data analysis to achieve high OEE and low maintenance costs

Increased performance thanks to networked technology

Lubricants and filters keep systems running, but require regular inspections and the proper quality. The Nexeed Industrial Application System enables employees to find out about the status of lubricants and filters in real time. The benefits: Lower maintenance costs, significantly simplified test processes and an overall greater system effectiveness.

Less maintenance

Less maintenance

Promptly detect laser conditions

Detect contamination on the laser at an early stage - and prevent costly maintenance

Targeted reduction of downtimes

Poor laser performance is often a question of cleanliness: Once they are dirty, the optical devices, and thus entire systems, are down for a long time. Sophisticated data analysis on the status and power of the lasers ensure that things do not get that far: The Nexeed Industrial Application System bundles important laser data centrally and helps to determine the degree of contamination at an early stage. As a result, maintenance work can be planned promptly and downtimes can be shortened as much as possible – Important prerequisites for overall greater system performance.

Tracking down spindle faults

Tracking down spindle faults

Identify faulty deviations

Defective spindles stress ball bearings – and require quick action

Rapid intervention in the event of vibrations

Ball bearings are exposed to great forces – additional disturbances, such as vibrations due to faulty spindles, must be avoided. However, if these occur, transparent monitoring helps: The Nexeed Industrial Application System measures vibrations and deviations in order to effectively bypass time-consuming system faults. In the event of unexpected incidents, the system automatically notifies employees via push messages on their cell phones. Your benefits: Shorter downtimes through timely intervention - and substantial savings in maintenance work.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce machine downtimes

Predictive Maintenance through configurable rules, automatic notification and task assignment

For maintenance technicians, work used to start with the report of a machine failure. In today's connected factory, predictive maintenance makes sure that failures don't occur in the first place. With theNexeed Industrial Application System (Nexeed IAS), the technician has a powerful and easy-to-use tool at his fingertips that he can use to detect and remedy possible machine downtimes at an early stage.

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