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Nexeed Helpdesk

Nexeed Helpdesk

Monitoring & Support

Benefit from our certified support concepts! They are not only ITIL-compliant, but also certified according to ISO 9001 – and specially tailored to the requirements of the Nexeed Industrial Application System and your needs.

What is "fullstack monitoring"?

Comprehensive monitoring

Your entire system is monitored – from hardware (e.g. servers or databases) to software (Nexeed Industrial Application System). We correlate events of all system components and ensure optimal transparency.

Proactive alerts

Problems are detected even before they arise. If something does not go according to plan, our Nexeed Helpdesk is informed immediately and automatically.

Analysis in case of an incident

Should something not work as expected, we analyze your system with our monitoring solution and find the cause – quickly and effectively!

What is "support"?

Nexeed Helpdesk & Ticket tool

  • The easiest and fastest way to contact us is to call our qualified Nexeed Helpdesk .
  • In addition, an e-mail-to-ticket interface is available, where your inquiry will be answered quickly and courteously by one of our competent contact persons.
  • Full transparency: service customers have access to the ticket system via web browser (Digital Workplace). This allows you to view the status of your service request at any time, leave comments and even increase the urgency.
  • Every service request is issued as a ticket by our experienced Nexeed Helpdesk. It is fully qualified and forwarded to the appropriate experts to ensure the fastest possible processing.

Single point of contact

  • Our experienced Nexeed Helpdesk provides you with a dedicated contact person (Transition Service Manager, TSM) for questions regarding operation & support.
  • The TSM complements the Customer Key Account or Project Manager in case customers obtain Monitoring & Support from us. The TSM accompanies and coordinates the transition from "pilot operation" to “running operation" according to the principles of professional IT service management (ITSM).

Ticket processing & Service review

  • Everything from a single source! The people behind the NEXEED development and application teams are colleagues and literally within reach for the Nexeed Helpdesk !
  • Depending on the type of request, our Nexeed Helpdesk categorizes all support requests in the type of an incident, change or problem ticket in our ITSM tool during qualification; they are then processed by our specialists in the various expert groups.
  • You receive a monthly KPI reporting by e-mail and/or in the form of a regular service review meeting presented by your TSM. This meeting gives you room for suggestions and/or proposals for improvement, which we will evaluate in the next step.

3 steps towards Monitoring & Support


  • The application team evaluates your requirements for the Nexeed Industrial Application System and develops an integration concept that is adapted to the use cases of your production.
  • If you order Monitoring & Support from us, the TSM will participate in regular meetings during the implementation phase and prepares on-boarding to the Nexeed Helpdesk .
  • If desired and requested, customers can already use the ticket system as pilots to enter incidents and get to know the Nexeed Helpdesk.


  • Customers are added to the ITSM tool within the on-boarding process.
  • We address additional requirements (e.g. special customized monitoring checks) if required by the use case.
  • To guarantee a smooth start, your Nexeed Industrial Application System will be handed over to the Nexeed Helpdesk by the project team in a "Handover to Monitoring & Support Meeting" after an appropriate curing phase.

Monitoring & Support

  • We help to secure the operation of your Nexeed Industrial Application System.
  • We help you to eliminate disruptions during operation.
  • Everything from a single source! The people behind the NEXEED development and application teams are colleagues and literally within reach for the Nexeed Helpdesk!
  • Consistency: Following the implementing phase your contact persons will remain.

How to open a Support Ticket as a customer

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