Bosch Connected Industry

Bosch Connected Industry

We make production and logistics easier

Industry 4.0 software from a single source

The expectations for Industry 4.0 are clear: manufacturing companies require lower maintenance and repair costs with higher machine availability, and increased efficiency through transparency and traceability.

Employees want the best possible support in a modern, digital work environment. Intelligent software solutions and services ensure consistent transparency and efficiency in production and logistics processes. Bosch Connected Industry pools these solutions in a comprehensive portfolio under the name Nexeed. Nexeed has one overarching goal: to offer our customers the best possible support in connecting their value stream.

To do so, we support them from the first consultation through implementation to onward connectivity. Our solutions make day-to-day work easier for employees and optimize production and logistics processes in terms of transparency, agility, cost, quality and time.

Nexeed makes production and logistics easier

The Nexeed software solutions make sure that product, process and logistics data of all machines and systems are used for continuous optimization – from procurement (source) through production (make) to the end customer (deliver).

Nexeed Portfolio

Nexeed makes it easy to get started with the connected factory: customers receive cost-efficient starter kits and simple retrofit solutions, as well as comprehensive packages with customized services. Nexeed solutions can be used to connect individual lines, entire plants and plant networks, their intralogistics and the external goods flow.

Bosch is both leading user and leading provider for Industry 4.0. In line with this strategy we validate our Nexeed solutions internally before we introduce them to the market. Customers benefit from the experience of more than 270 Bosch plants and more than 700 warehouses all over the world. This experience is integrated into the further development of our products, generating practical solutions with a clear focus on specific customer benefits.

Who is Nexeed developed for?

We supply our Industry 4.0 software solutions and services to our own Bosch plants around the world and to customers from different industries:


Operators of all kinds of production facilities and warehouses

Producers and distributors from the following industries: automotive, logistics, electronics, pharma and food


Logistics service providers, leasing and consulting companies

Who use our solutions to optimize their internal fleets and customer fleets


Machine and equipment manufacturers

Who act as suppliers for the manufacturing industry


Industry 4.0 suppliers and system integrators

Who use our components to offer their customers individual systems and complete solutions