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Stock Management

Digitizing material flow and materials localization in real time by Stock Management

What does Stock Management offer?

The Stock Management solution was developed by Bosch Connected Industry as part of Nexeed Intralogistics Execution (IES) and can be used as a standalone solution, or in combination with other IES solutions, or with Transport Management. Stock Management is a combination of software and hardware which can be retrofitted in existing supermarkets.

Our solution digitizes internal material flow with the aim of increasing transparency in production. It is then possible to identify at any time where materials are located and in what quantities. This synchronizes material and information flow in real time.

All material movements in the supermarket are automatically collected and booked by RFID and/or sensor solutions so that employees need no longer carry out time-consuming manual bookings.

Make life easier for logistics

Stock Management

However, our Stock Management solutions offers more features that significantly simplify the life of logisticians: A retrofitted supermarket not only handles automatic material bookings and follow-up orders but also supports employees pro-actively in their daily activities.

For example, employees are provided with a visualization of the correct belt via put-to-light control which displays the belt to introduce a small load carrier (SLC): When the employee moves an SLC in the direction of the shelf, a green LED indicates the correct belt and this reduces his search considerably. But when an employee introduces an SLC on the wrong belt, this error is immediately indicated by a red LED so that he can rectify the error directly. This helps to increase data quality considerably.

In addition, so-called visual tags offer employees the option to view at any time the belt on which a material number is located. Minimum and maximum inventories and system-side inventory are also displayed in real time.

Efficient use of existing supermarket surface by dynamic belt management

Efficient use of available lanes

Stock Management dynamically allows the material storage facility to be filled according to the first-in/first-out principle, while ensuring maximum transparency and reduced work effort. Using the available belts and containers efficiently allows the supermarket to be kept relatively small, even for large production operations with a great deal of material turnover. If an error occurs, our solution is also equipped with an error management system that offers a high level of transparency. Deviations between the physical inventory in production, the inventory in the ERP system, and undershoots of minimum limits are automatically detected and visualized. Employees are assisted by a user-friendly web interface which allows intuitive error identification. This rapidly identifies and rectifies inventory deviations, incorrectly introduced SLCs, and sequence errors.