Bosch Connected Industry
Laying the foundation for interoperability and transparency with the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Operating Basis

The foundation for interoperability and transparency

All the functions for easy IT administration from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Benefits at a glance:

A common log-in for all basic functionalities and applications

Secure access management for different users

Cross-application master data management

The basis for interoperability and transparency in manufacturing

The basic functionalities form the foundation for the networking and interoperability of all Nexeed applications. With the Basic Operating Package, IT administrators receive everything that they need to set up the Nexeed Industrial Application System.

This includes the secure allocation of access rights for different users. With a single log-in, users who are enabled can use all master data across applications - and adapt the data to their individual requirements.

Applications of the Operating Basis Package in detail

Web Portal

Web Portal

The Web Portal is the linchpin of Nexeed IAS: With a single login, each user can access the standard available basic functionalities, such as Multitenant Access Control and Master Data Management, as well as the individually selected applications- and adapt them to their individual requirements.

Multitenant Access Control

Multitenant Access Control

The Multitenant Access Control application is a comprehensive tool for the cross-application, secure assignment of access rights. The authorized administrator can conveniently manage the user rights via the Web Portal. He can assign users individual or predefined roles and combine them into groups.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Master Data Management - the central master database - is the prerequisite for the interoperability of Nexeed IAS. Equipment master data and error definitions are managed centrally - all installed modules can access this information. In this way, redundancies are completely avoided.