Bosch Connected Industry
Secure networking and management of all IIoT devices with the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Shopfloor Connectivity

Secure networking and management of all IIoT devices

Everything from a single source - from connection to management

Benefits at a glance:

Fast and easy connection of existing machines

Central management of all IIoT devices in the plant network

Maximum security also via remote access

Secure networking and management of all IIoT devices in production

Machine constructors, manufacturing companies and solution providers face the same challenge: managing and networking a vast number of IIoT devices. The Shop Floor Connectivity Package provides a current overview of all the IIoT devices. Central management allows the installation of updates or new installations via secure remote access.

The gateway application, which enables both unidirectional and bi-directional communications with the higher-level software, provides for the simple and cost-effective connection of older machines (retrofit).

Applications of the Shopfloor Connectivity Package in detail

Device Management

Device Management

Managing a large number of IIoT devices, such as routers, machine controllers or sensors, can quickly become confusing, wasteful and therefore time-consuming and costly. In addition, there is an increased vulnerability to malware, as well as the risk of software becoming outdated. Device Management is the remedy.

Gateway Flex und Lite

Gateway Flex and Lite

The Flex and Lite Gateways enable easy and cost-effective connection of existing legacy systems, such as machines without interfaces or semi-automated manual workstations to the Nexeed Industrial Application System.

Direct Data Link

Direct Data Link

The Direct Data Link ensures that a wide variety of machines can be connected to all Nexeed applications without any problems. This connectivity and integration tool acts as a translator between input formats and protocols, such as OPC classic, OPC UA, as well as proprietary protocols and the Nexeed interfaces.