Bosch Connected Industry
Condition monitoring with the Nexeed Production Performance Manager

Shopfloor Management

Quick decision-making thanks to aggregated information

The most important data for daily optimization in production

Benefits at a glance:

Identification of the greatest optimization potentials

Detection of bottlenecks, irregularities and sources of error

Greater transparency across all lines

All important KPIs quickly at a glance

Plant managers, production managers and planners, as well as lean managers, receive a transparent, aggregated overview of the current production thanks to reports and customizable dashboards. This enables them to quickly make the right decisions.

Relevant quality and performance data, such as OEE, line KPIs, bottlenecks or sources of error, can be visualized in real time in a user-friendly manner. In this way, errors can be quickly remedied, optimization potentials identified and successes made visible.

Applications of the Shopfloor Management Package in detail

Line KPI

Line KPI

If the reasons for insufficient line performance are not known, the Line KPI helps: It identifies the greatest optimization potentials on a machine basis. In this way, improvement measures can be initiated in a targeted manner and the overall effectiveness increased.

Line Bottleneck Detection

Line Bottleneck Detection

With Line Bottleneck Detection, bottlenecks and irregularities in production lines can be detected and production delays avoided. The production line permanently supplies data to the application via sensors - and makes it available to employees in the form of heat maps on any terminal.

Error Statistics

Error Statistics

In the current production, there are always malfunctions or failures of machines or stations. In order to avoid this in the long term, Error Statistics not only identifies sources of error in a targeted manner, but also assembles the data in a clearly arranged manner according to location, duration and frequency. This reduces downtimes and increases production efficiency