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Virtual Assist

Diagnostics and service based on the digital model

In addition to the typical text-based alarm systems of machines and systems, the "Virtual Assist" app supports troubleshooting on machines. Causes of faults are shown live and in color on the digital model and lists of measures for troubleshooting are provided, which helps to reduce downtime. The Virtual Assist can be used with all controls and is configured in less than 3 hours.

Rapid fault localization and elimination

Rapid fault localization and elimination

With the Virtual Assist intuitive diagnostic system, machine parts that cause the fault are shown in color right in the 3D model. The user interface allows it to be used without any previous experience. By a simple configuration, any CAD model can be integrated and via a standard interface such as OPC UA, connected to any control system.

Components are easy to find

Components are easy to find

The "Search" function in the Virtual Assist makes it possible to quickly find components in the machine. Components are marked and released in real time. Time-consuming searches, e.g., for maintenance work, can be avoided.

Provides existing knowledge

Provides existing knowledge

Store comments for yourself and your colleagues about errors that have occurred or access the existing knowledge database and benefit from the lists of measures that are stored there. Measures can be easily assessed using a 5-star system.

Can be used with all control systems

Virtual Assist

Virtual Assist is easy to use - Try it without any obligation

Get to know Virtual Assist right on your machine. We offer you a 30-day trial license.

Virtual Assist

Use the Virtual Assist for your machine now

You can receive the Virtual Assist for your machine starting at €790*.

*All prices excl. VAT. Prices valid until 05/31/2020

Configured in less than 3 hours

Benefits at a glance

Simple engineering: no programming, just configuring


Live visualization of the machine status via OPC UA

Thanks to the intuitive HMI app, rapid troubleshooting right on the 3D model of the machine

Intuitive operation - even without special knowledge, thanks to the intuitive HMI app

Integrated knowledge database


Machine components easily found using the Search function