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Nexeed Data Analytics

Generating added value from production data.

Data Analytics: Analyzing production and logistics data and generating added value

Production and logistics data are key resources in the age of digitization and Industry 4.0. Data analytics and machine learning help us extract new information from this data.

With Nexeed Data Analytics we offer customers an individual service – from the first data analysis to comprehensive prediction models – by combining our long-term production expertise with extensive software and data knowhow. Whether it be data integration and processing or machine learning and artificial intelligence – we combine the right methods for every application. This way we help customers gain new insights from their data and deliver tangible improvements in quality, cost and delivery performance.

Use of Nexeed Data Analytics by our customers

Our data analytics methods have been used successfully at Bosch for many years and are established as a service inside and outside of Bosch and in different industries. Whether optimizing sensor production, assembling steering system components or milling electrode caps: we implement the customer-specific application to generate results based on practical experience from numerous production applications and projects.

Pseudo-scrap reduction in manufacturing

Reduction of reject costs by €1,000 per day

Pseudo-scrap reduction in manufacturing

In series production, sensor elements were produced with strongly fluctuating quality and some high reject rates. The transparency created by our data analyses enabled process experts to identify and eliminate a previously unknown issue with rejected OK parts.

The result: €1,000 savings per day!

Improving glow wire production

Quality score improved by 40%

Improving glow wire production

Wire production is a complex chemical, thermal and mechanical process. Customers have different expectations when it comes to the quality of the final product. The goal was to identify the most influential parameters as part of the value stream analysis with the inclusion of data analytics methods in order to improve quality and delivery performance.

The result: The cost-relevant KPI was improved by 6%, and the product quality increased by 40%.

Predictive maintenance of smoke alarms

Maintenance cost savings of up to 50%

Predictive maintenance of smoke alarms

Smoke alarms need to be serviced or replaced due to contamination or the battery’s remaining service life. Maintenance tasks are planned and conducted at regular intervals based on experience. The goal was to predict the best time for maintenance activities in order to avoid unnecessary maintenance work and costs.

The result: Only smoke detectors that are still relevant are serviced. This resulted in cost savings of up to 50%.

Nexeed Data Analytics – our range of services

Range of Nexeed Data Analytics services
The key to data analytics
How do we implement data analytics projects?
Data Analytics training

The key to data analytics

Sustainable knowledge building is a decisive success factor, particularly in the connection of production and logistics. Business processes and models are changing faster than ever. To accompany this transformation and support knowledge building in Industry 4.0 in general and data analytics in particular, we offer basic training and workshops:

  • Trainings offer a first orientation to the data jungle: how can data analysis be profitably applied in an organization? To answer this question, we concentrate on concrete use cases and business understanding
  • Use Case Workshops go a step further: the focus is on identifying suitable use cases and on technical understanding that makes it possible to carry out analysis successfully in the first place. We evaluate both potentials and efforts to define the first steps of a data analytics project

More details to our trainings and use case Workshops. >

Data Analytics implementation

How do we implement data analytics projects?

There is not the one data analytics project. That is why we take an agile, step-by-step approach. Because there is one thing we know from experience: data analytics is not an end in itself. It's not just about pure data collection. The goal is always to generate a concrete added value for each company through the application of appropriate data analytics methods – as quickly and simply as possible.

First, we concentrate on feasibility: is there enough data and are they available in a sufficient quality to achieve the desired added value? The next step is a matter of finding a solution for each individual goal – from condition monitoring and forecasting to intelligent process regulation. Here, our agile, step-by-step approach has proved to be successful.

We would be happy to show how every company can advance their individual, quick and easy introduction to data analytics!

Learn more about our offer. >

Data Analytics training
The key to data analytics
Data Analytics implementation
How do we implement data analytics projects?

Get started with Nexeed Data Analytics in production now!

We offer various options for a quick and easy introduction to your data analytics project.

training workshop

Nexeed Data Analytics – Training or Use Case Workshop

We offer basic training and workshops about data analytics:

Individuals can book our training sessions through the Training center. For small groups, we offer training sessions designed for individual customers directly on-site. Workshops are always customer-specific.

Nexeed Data Analytics – Rapid Insights

Depending on the number of data sources to be analyzed, we offer different fixed-price packages in our Nexeed Data Analytics- Rapid Insights range. For customer-specific projects, Nexeed Data Analytics- Individual Analytics Projects is the right choice.

We ensure an easy introduction to data analytics, as well as quick, concrete improvements of quality, costs and delivery performance.

Nexeed Data Analytics- Rapid Insights range of services:

  • Kick-off workshop empowering data and process understanding
  • Data preparation and integration of ≤ 2, ≤ 5 or ≤ 10 data sources
  • Comprehensive data analysis according to current methods and algorithms
  • Documentation and presentation of results – for production experts, by production experts
  • Recommendations to improve data quality for the customer's data analytics strategy

Advantages at a glance

Extensive expertise: From production to data analysis

We combine expertise: our interdisciplinary teams of data and production experts draw on extensive experience at Bosch plants for every analytics project – and use it to implement the optimal solution.

Future-oriented analyses: Much more than a standard solution

We face even complex tasks. Whether it's a particularly tricky analysis, the connection between several processes, or the optimization beyond the boundaries of the process chain – Nexeed Data Analytics makes it possible today to implement the standards of tomorrow.

Everything from a single source: From basic knowledge to concrete implementation

We accompany our customers from the first step through to an intelligent solution – by starting at the individual knowledge level. This way we enable both an easy introduction to data analysis and the implementation of extensive analytics projects.