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Nexeed Device Portal

Nexeed Device Portal – The Digital Manager of All IoT Devices

Remotely manage, maintain and protect manufacturing IoT devices worldwide from a central location

Nexeed Device Portal

The primary method of linking the company’s IT infrastructure with production equipment in state-of-the-art production is through the use of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. These may be routers, machine controllers or even sensors, for instance. But even if the advantages of the Internet of Things, such as increased efficiency and streamlined processes, are obvious, managing a large number of IoT devices can quickly become confusing, complex and thus time-consuming and expensive.

Each software change requires that associates spend time gathering information from each device in question. In addition, there is increased vulnerability to malware, such as viruses and trojans, and risk of software becoming outdated. The Nexeed Device Portal is the solution to these problems.

Transparency and security through centralized management

Transparency and security through centralized management

With the Nexeed Device Portal, we offer a virtual manager with which those in charge always have all IoT devices firmly under control in a centralized location without requiring a lot of effort. In addition to providing a current overview of all IoT devices in the manufacturing network, the cloud-based solution also makes it possible to configure the devices, deploy updates and install additional functions via secure, remote access-over and above the entire life cycle of the devices.

Complete control at all times

Complete control at all times

Users can get a transparent overview of all connected devices, check their status and manage them centrally at any time without having to be on site. In this setup, the Nexeed Device Portal operates using only the data required for managing the devices. Sensitive, production-related information is not shared externally, but instead remains at its specified location.

Easy to use and fast to implement

Easy to use and fast to implement

The Nexeed Device Portal can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into other systems such as the Nexeed Production Performance Manager as an additional component to increase transparency. The software solution is easy and intuitive to use and, thus, can easily be integrated into an existing IT infrastructure. After initial start-up, this solution provides a significant increase in transparency and efficiency in manufacturing, freeing up associates from working on time-consuming and expensive IT tasks.

Overview of Nexeed Device Portal advantages

Centralized management

  • Centralized management of all networked devices
  • High transparency with regard to the status of all devices in the manufacturing network


  • Best way to update device software and other software
  • Maximum security for all IoT devices and, thus, for the entire manufacturing environment
  • Full control of data. No access to production-related information

Remote maintenance

  • Real-time maintenance service provides higher efficiency and quality without having to be on site
  • Saves time and frees up time for production associates by eliminating time-consuming IT tasks