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Nexeed Manufacturing Execution System

Information management

Maintaining an overview at all times

Maintaining an overview at all times

Information management is a process in which production data are recorded, saved, queried and analyzed and serves as a means of improving operational performance. With the aid of information management, it is possible to capture the production status from the individual line to complete production at a glance. Here, the system offers numerous means by which production data can be visualized and evaluated, and reports can be created and saved. Moreover, alarm mechanisms and escalation mechanisms can be set-up that provide an early warning and facilitate a rapid reaction.



Reporting creates transparency and provides an indication of all production-relevant factors for the increase of efficiency and productivity. Among these, for example, are input figures such as work or material, process figures such as quality and speed, or output figures such as production quantity. All data can be displayed with the aid of automated reporting cyclically or, on request, manually with a clear overview and orientated around the target group and used for optimization of the processes.


The increase in digitalization necessitates simple and intelligent reporting and reaction systems in order to safeguard the availability, performance and quality in production. Our alarm functions provide details straightaway in real-time about deviations from prescribed production results and thereby enable a rapid response. A multi-layered escalation management feature ensures here that no deviations or problems go unnoticed. Different types of notification make sure that faults are rectified as quickly as possible.

Display systems

With our universal display system, all production data are visualized in real-time with a clear overview. Here, the data can be displayed on different end devices such as a production terminal, tablet or laptop. Data can also be called up independently of the location in this way. The view can be configured flexibly by the user according to requirement so that only the relevant data are displayed. This could be machine data or quality data, reports or other production-specific information. Aside from up-to-date data, historical details can also be called up easily and assist, for example, in the planning of shifts.