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Quality management & traceability

Continuous quality and traceability

Continuous quality and traceability

Quality management represents an important criterion for the success of production. Impaired quality leads not only to high costs but can also massively damage the image. To prevent this, a functioning quality management system is absolutely essential. Quality and traceability go hand in hand here as traceability is a decisive element of the comprehensive quality management system.


Quality assurance

The prerequisite for good quality assurance is documentation throughout the product lifecycle for all production batches – from quality data recording to quality control. By assigning numbers to batches or products, they are given a clear identification number, which can be used to find out precisely which parts were processed in which end product and where deliveries currently are. The whole production process from goods-in to goods-out is documented with every step of the process and the quality data are saved. Finally, quality control checks to ensure that the process sequence was kept and all production steps were adhered to.


With the aid of traceability solutions, it is possible to safeguard and monitor the tracking of materials and processes throughout the whole production cycle. It represents an important competitive factor and creates not only transparency but also stability and reliability in production. Causes of faults can be quickly localized and avoided in future by means of preventative measures. Faulty components can be identified and directed quickly so that no other faulty parts enter circulation. Traceability provides a complete overview of the complete added value chain.

Process optimization

Process optimization serves as a means of continually improving existing processes for business, production and development in terms of effectiveness and the resources required for this. With the aid of our software tools, defined processes and their parameters are reliably analyzed, visualized and checked. In this way, costs, through-put times and the complexity of the processes are verifiably reduced.

Secure data transfer

The secure exchange of so-called key data between production line and customer system, particularly in the automotive industry, plays an important role. The "secret information" is usually initialization data used for final anti-theft protection such as in control units. Our server application ensures the secure exchange of these highly sensitive data. With the aid of relevant visualization, it is possible to call up the status throughout the entire process.