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Nexeed Manufacturing Execution System

Shop floor integration

Seamless communication

Seamless communication

Despite seamless communication being an important prerequisite for Industry 4.0, many companies are reluctant to implement complete integration up to shop floor level. The reasons for this are often the high costs or missing interfaces (i.e., manufacturer-dependent interfaces) that make integration very complicated. With our standardized, manufacturer- and platform-independent interfaces, consistent data formats and a reliable M2M machine protocol, we assure machine-encompassing networking throughout the entire added value chain and enable the seamless integration of all systems in production.


Machine integration

Machine integration is the basic prerequisite for establishing a data basis. Standardized interfaces thereby make trouble-free connection and complete integration of machines and plant systems from a whole range of different manufacturers possible in the shortest time. Furthermore, various communication modules facilitate the reliable exchange of data between the machines and the MES-functionalities on and away from the shop floor.

System integration

System integration enables the manufacturer-independent connection to ERP systems. In this way, all persons relevant in the added value chain can, irrespective of location, input data such as item lists, material master data or warehouse stock and subsequently access the data centrally.


Orchestration describes the summarization and harmonization of different protocols and processes. It detects and combines the relevant software functionalities into a topic group or business process and makes it available via clearly defined interfaces. Assurance is even provided in the event of changes in production of the correct interplay of application data and trouble-free operation.


With the aid of access control, the entire system can be monitored, checked and controlled. It serves as a means of authentication, authorization and role assignment of users and, in this way, assures the security of machine data and production data. Applications and authorizations for access can be managed from a central point. It is possible to determine precisely who is able to see which data and to what extent. As such, all data are protected at all times against unwarranted access by unauthorized persons. Different control mechanisms can be employed flexibly and enable the configuration of tailored solutions.

Mobile integration

With the aid of the "mobile app", it is possible from any Windows 10-capable device to communicate with the entire MES system. The functionality, here, is configured completely by means of workflows on the server side. In this way, function updates are enabled without an update of the app being carried out at the same time. The functions offered can be adapted precisely to the customer's requirements. Authentication and authorization are also supported.