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Nexeed Transparency Kit

Nexeed Transparency Kit

The retrofit solution for more transparency in production

Nexeed Transparency Kit

Upgrading existing machines for i4.0 easily and specifically – this can be done without any machine downtime thanks to the Nexeed Transparency Kit. Once the sensors have been attached to the machine, the retrofit solution provides fast information about unwanted delays, bottlenecks or the status of the machine using a Bosch Rexroth IoT gateway and a user interface optimized for the customer. This way, the sources of faults can be identified and remedied faster and an increase in OEE or efficiency can be achieved.

Benefits at a glance

Increased OEE

More transparency and control of in-house production


Fast response times thanks to easier identification of faults and their causes

Non-invasive, easy installation without machine downtime

Plug & play sensor systems that can be implemented quickly and easily

Low investment costs, amortization in less than one year

Two retrofit solutions for your individual needs

Unintentional downtime or delays in production can quickly become expensive. Often, those in charge are not able to identify the causes immediately or with precision – which is both time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Therefore, Bosch has developed a solution that provides persons responsible for machines with information about bottlenecks or irregularities in individual machines or entire production lines quickly and avoids a lengthy search for the causes. This allows for a more lean and efficient production. The Nexeed Transparency Kit is a retrofit solution enabling the fast and convenient retrofitting of existing machines and lines.

It includes sensors, a suitable gateway (IoT gateway) and a user interface that can, for instance, run on a tablet. The sensor can be easily attached without causing machine downtime and the system can be configured easily without interfering with existing IT infrastructure. The user interface is visualized on a web interface that the responsible employees can access at any time using their respective mobile devices. Bosch has various solutions on hand depending on the needs of the customer or the selection of parameters. They have a modular structure, can be combined flexibly, are available "out of the box" and function independently from the remaining connections.


1. Heatmap

The Heatmap bundles and visualizes the data from multiple sensors on different machines of a production line in the form of heat maps. Like traffic maps, these maps provide information about possible bottlenecks or delays in production. The visualizations are sent directly to the responsible shift managers or employees as warning messages. As a result, they can respond to malfunctions faster and make better-informed decisions. In future, a pattern analysis can also be carried out as an additional option.

Condition Monitoring

2. Condition Monitoring

Deep analyses can be performed using the Condition Monitoring solution. The multi-parameter sensor records movements and further environmental influences such as light, humidity, air pressure or temperature and can be used for condition monitoring. Thanks to its robust housing, it is also suited for use in rough production environments. Troubleshooting is accelerated based on the gathered data, and the causes can be identified more easily. This enables measures for purposeful optimization in order to reduce machine downtimes and delays in the production process. This way, efficiency in production can be sustainably increased and maintained.