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Live monitoring of tightening processes

Live monitoring of tightening processes

Detecting and avoiding deviations and faults as early as possible

Real-time monitoring of safety-critical screw connections and long-term documentation of the data for analysis purposes are central issues both for manual and automatic tightening processes. Thanks to the Process Monitoring Application of theNexeed Industrial Application System, faults can be identified immediately during the tightening process and, at best, eliminated. The result: less waste, higher quality and maximum safety.

Challenges during the tightening process

Numerous factors must be taken into consideration in the production of safe and reliable bolt connections. Even small deviations can lead to loosening of the connections, particularly in parts subjected to heavy strain. In many cases, the tightening process is insufficiently monitored, and faults are not identified until final quality inspection or when the product reaches the customer. Process and quality engineers therefore want to monitor all important parameters during every tightening process, without having to attend the relevant work station. Immediate notifications in case of deviations or altered settings allow them to react faster, thus resulting in less rejects, while the analysis of historical data recordings permits the discovery of long-term optimization potential.

The Process Monitoring Application makes tightening processes transparent

The Process Monitoring Application makes centralized collection and evaluation of all important measurement data possible. Each tightening process is recorded and the values are visualized either individually or bundled in overviews and graphs. For example, torque and angle of rotation can be depicted as a tightening curve, which allows a meaningful statement about the quality to be made and makes them comparable with others. The evaluation of OK/NOK processes and the associated data records also permits a simple cause determination in the event of accumulated cases of waste, whereby all values are stored in the long term and are available at all times for analyses.

Tightening curve
Live analysis and comparison of tightening process data

Use case: Considerable improvement in tightening quality – thanks to the Process Monitoring Application

Use case: Considerable improvement in tightening quality – thank to Nexeed Production Performance Manager

Bosch Rexroth manufactures ready-to-install linear systems that are bolted together in the final step. The employees finalize the product with the help of Nexo nutrunners. They transmit important data from each screwing process such as torque and rotation angle, part IDs, tightening settings and OK/NOK information to the Nexeed Industrial Application System. Here, they are visualized immediately and stored for subsequent analyses. With the help of the rule configuration, warning messages are also issued instantly if defined limits are exceeded. Process engineers can thus recognize immediately when fault accumulations occur, or the process is not running as specified. The Process Monitoring Application of the Nexeed Industrial Application System makes it possible to determine whether the screw connections meet the high quality requirements of Bosch Rexroth before delivery – and the customer always receives flawless products.

The advantages at a glance

Live monitoring of tightening processes

Visualization and central live evaluation of measured values and process curves


Maximum reliability and quality

Automatic notification if limit values are exceeded, leading to faster reaction times and minimal rejects

Increase in process efficiency

Recording of historical data permits in-depth evaluations for long-term tightening process optimization