Bosch Connected Industry
Industry 4.0 general-purpose tool

Nexeed Production Performance Manager

as a technological basis for Industry 4.0 use cases

Nexeed Production Performance Manager – a flexible Industry 4.0 tool for today, tomorrow and the future

Easy networking

Open standards enable the easy implementation of sensors, machines and data sources

Modern software architecture

Documented interfaces provide a maximum level of flexibility and security for future expansions

Full flexibility

All employees can contribute their expertise without the need for special IT skills

A software solution for universal use cases

The factory of today must be controlled with a focus on the future. The task of the Industry 4.0 coordinator is to set the course for future challenges, for example by choosing open, versatile and upgradeable software. The Nexeed Production Performance Manager is an Industry 4.0 tool that can already be used universally within production today. With its open interfaces, a very high level of connectivity and its modular expandability, the software will continue to provide full flexibility in the future.

The connectivity of software, sensors, machines and entire production lines is crucial for a long-term efficiency increase. In particular, the easy connection of new Industry 4.0 products makes production adaptable and agile.

The Production Performance Management Protocol, Bosch's open-source machine language, and the open documented interfaces make it possible to implement own solutions as well as third-party solutions into the existing IT ecosystem with minimal effort. Staff is more involved in the entire process and can use the Nexeed Production Performance Manager independently to implement new use cases – even without IT expertise. This way, everyone's knowledge and experience can be used to increase production efficiency. The software is not a closed system, but is constantly evolving thanks to regular updates and module expansions – and thus rapidly adapts to current requirements.

Condition Monitoring
Live process data analysis
Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance