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Live process data analysis with the Nexeed Production Performance Manager

Live process data analysis

with the Nexeed Production Performance Manager

Reducing production faults and process deviations to a minimum - for an error-free and highly efficient production

Benefits at a glance:

Continuous process transparency

Greater transparency through user-friendly provision of all process data.


Increase in efficiency

Easy access to the required data on all terminals – with no legwork or delays.

Fewer rejects

Cost savings thanks to consistently high product quality with a minimal error rate.

Process data analysis redefined

Process data analysis redefined

Process and quality engineers want a transparent, faultfree and continuous process that ensures products of impeccable quality. The focus of their attention is therefore on the process and the product, whereas the machines themselves are of secondary importance. Deviations and rejects should be reduced to a minimum to make production as efficient as possible. To this end, the Process Quality Module can be used to monitor and document process data in real time. The achieved transparency helps to keep an eye on quality at all times and thus improve the costeffectiveness of production.

With its user-friendly view, the Process Quality Module displays the various parameters and tolerances so that any problems can easily be detected and remedied more quickly. Thanks to the patented analysis function, systematic faults and tendencies are detected earlier and their causes are isolated. This allows the process engineer to undertake appropriate measures before faults even occur.

The Process Quality Module is particularly suitable for quickly obtaining transparency of joining processes (e.g. screwing, pressing, welding, bonding, riveting) and coating processes (e.g. painting, galvanizing, powder coating).