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Remote Shopfloor Access

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

The high-security remote access solution to machines and systems in production

Summary of Benefits of Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

Flexible Remote Maintenance

  • Maintenance Service in Real Time: Higher efficiency and quality without on-site work.
  • Supplier-independent: Service technicians can work with their own software tools.
  • IT meets OT: Networking existing IT networks with machines on the shop floor.

Maximum Security

  • Security by Design: Neutral PKI instance, personalized authentication, and multi-level release management.
  • Control over System: Machine operators have full control at all times.
  • Solution Updates: Automatic updates and security certificate generation.

Seamless Enterprise Integration

  • Reduced integration costs: A comprehensive and supplier-independent remote- maintenance solution for all networked systems and machines.
  • Seamless integration in existing systems saves time and money.
  • Secure process documentation for all remote maintenance cases.

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access for Large Enterprises

Unplanned machine and system downtime can get expensive quickly. In addition, greater networking in production offers hackers new points of attack. With Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access, we have developed a solution that supplies an answer to the two challenges. The high-security platform solution allows service providers – external providers or associates – to monitor and service machines and systems from a central location.

That is why Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access focuses on the "security by design" approach. Sophisticated multi-stage authentication and release management ensures control of who has access to what machines at what time and for how long. Encrypted tunnels also create a secure connection between the machine being serviced and the computer of the service technician.

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

Remote Access to Machines and Systems

Remote Access with Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access allows service technicians to conduct commissioning, diagnosis, and maintenance work on machines and systems in production in real time and from any location. They can use their familiar software tools at any time to achieve the usual high level of service quality. It is estimated that around 75% of all maintenance operations are carried out successfully without costly on-site presence. And all that faster and more efficiently than before. Thanks to the high degree of scalability of the solution, both individual machines and machine parks can be maintained remotely with efficiency and precision.

Maximum Security

Maximum Security with Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access takes the highest security requirements into account. The basis for this consists of two VPN tunnels that create a secure connection between the machine to be maintained and the computer of the service technician. Sophisticated authentication and release management also provides the line or machine operator in the plant with full control at all times regarding what individuals are allowed to access what machines and at what times. At the same time, the maintenance window and the access range, e.g. individual sensors, can be located individually. The release is issued twice by the responsible person: once via ticket and again by manual release directly on the machine. This ensures that only authorized persons responsible for plants or lines can initiate remote maintenance and that all Bosch guidelines are adhered to in doing so.

Seamless Integration in Business Processes and Enterprise IT

Seamless Integration with Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access

The Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access permits integration in existing customer business processes and enterprise IT systems for optimized process-flow mapping and excludes redundant data storage.

Business Processes: The platform offers optimized, standardized process flows for acquisition and setting up efficient remote access connections.

  • Order remote access service and the necessary equipment from a central purchasing portal.
  • Plan and deploy the remote-access service from a central IT service portal.
  • Manage and document (audit) remote accesses by ticket system.

Enterprise IT Systems: By integrating the Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access, data in existing systems can be used to minimize the effort of double data management and redundancy.

  • Maintain machine parameters in a central database.
  • User authorization and authentication from a central identity management system.
  • High degree of supplier-independent scalability of connected machines and systems.

Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access in Use

At the Bosch Plant in Waiblingen, Local Data Security Officer Mike Zuckschwert, is in charge of data security. One of his weapons to counter external cyber attacks is the remote maintenance solution Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access. It helps him gain secure, encrypted access to machines. "Remote maintenance in itself is nothing new," says Zuckschwert. "But what is new is we now have 100% control over when, how long, and what machine a service provider may access.“

The principle behind it: Both the machines and the so-called service provider – i.e. the external supplier or an associate – are equipped with a preconfigured router. A connection is only set up between these two partners if the machine owner confirms the access twice: once by sending a ticket via Nexeed Remote Shopfloor Access, and once by turning the keyswitch on the machine. Mike Zuckschwert can then be certain that no external unauthorized person can access the machine or infect the network with malware.

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