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White Paper: “Data Homogenization in the Age of Industry 4.0”

Learn everything about the Digital Twin System as basis for easy communication in connected production and logistics.

Data Homogenization in the Age of Industry 4.0

Data Homogenization in the Age of Industry 4.0

What do we need to digitize production and logistics? First of all, we need data, which is available in large amounts. However, we are often still lacking a common basis for communication between humans, software and hardware. The answer lies in semantic data homogenization – not only for machine operators on site but also for mechanical engineers and software developers. This is exactly what Bosch Connected Industry is currently working on with the Digital Twin System.

The underlying principle is remarkably easy: the generated data is processed into generally understandable information by linking it to context and by sorting it according to information groups such as warning or status messages. Each user group or software application receives exactly the data it needs along with the required access rights. This opens up new ways of collaboration: machine operators can share their data easily and selectively with machine builders and software developers. Digital maintenance services or immediately workable software applications are just two examples of a whole range of newly created possibilities.

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