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First certified Digital Twin Registry in the Catena-X data space

First certified Digital Twin Registry in the Catena-X data space

The Catena-X initiative has set itself the goal of uniting all players in the German automotive industry in a joint value creation network. Bosch Semantic Stack provides the technology to create and use digital twins. We are very pleased to announce that the Digital Twin Registry from the Bosch Semantic Stack portfolio has now received official certification from Catena-X! This makes it the first and so far only registry to meet the necessary interoperability and quality standards to gain access to the Catena-X data space.

Each company can store its individual digital twins in its own decentralized registry. The Digital Twin Registry from Bosch Connected Industry is almost infinitely scalable: it can even manage hundreds of millions of digital twins without any problems. The data can be easily and securely exchanged in the Catena-X data space and used to implement joint use cases. Once established, solutions for new use cases simply build on the existing structures of Bosch Semantic Stack.

Free web seminar with practical examples

Free web seminar with practical examples

In our web seminar, our Bosch Semantic Stack Consultant Josepha Pfeiffer answers the most important questions about the Digital Twin Registry using practical examples. How does a registry work? What do users have to pay attention to? And how can use cases be implemented efficiently?

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