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Bosch plant in Feuerbach

Fast mask production thanks to the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Bosch plant in Feuerbach


To produce protective masks quickly and with reduced employee contact, the Bosch plant in Feuerbach uses the intelligent Transportation Management application from the Nexeed Industrial Application System. It made it possible to implement production adjustments efficiently and in a short time.

The successes at a glance

Simple integration of new lines

thanks to independent prioritization of orders

Flexible adaptation of resources

depending on staff availability and material requirements

Efficient milk runs

thanks to demand-oriented route planning


The Bosch plant in Feuerbach had to master several challenges simultaneously: coronavirus-related short-time work, variable customer inquiries and changed shift models increased the complexity of the in-house material supply enormously. At the same time, new processes had to be introduced for the planned production of protective masks for the company’s own workforce. These adjustments would not have been possible in such short time without the intelligent Transport Management application from the Nexeed Industrial Application System.


The Transport Management application plans and optimizes the entire internal milk run transports in real time. In the semi-dynamic mode, individual stops on the current route are omitted, provided this is permitted for the stop in question and no transfer requirements need to be served. Based on digital real-time data such as current loading status, position on the currently selected route and loading degree, additional transfer orders can be added in real time to ensure high delivery reliability. This demand-oriented execution of the individual routes gives the plant the necessary flexibility and efficiency.

Thanks to the software, the internal milk run logistics in Feuerbach can independently prioritize transport orders. This made it possible to integrate the new lines for mask production with little effort. The orders are displayed and processed according to their priority. In addition, the use of this intelligent software allows short-term and flexible changes between different milk run versions: standard or with reduced staffing requirements. Depending on the current staff availability and material requirements, it is possible to switch between the operating modes. This ensures that the internal transport resources can be adapted flexibly to customer needs in production.

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