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BSH Hausgeräte

Cross-plant transparency in manufacturing

BSH Hausgeräte


In the context of complex manufacturing operations, transparency means keeping an eye on even the smallest machine parameters. At BSH Hausgeräte, the Condition Monitoring application from the Nexeed Industrial Application System has already been set as the standard for Industry 4.0 use cases at 16 plants operated by the household appliance manufacturer, with more to follow suit.

The successes at a glance

Easy production monitoring

by collecting and harmonizing machine data

Long-term optimization

Individual rules prevent machine downtime and production outages

Simple, user-friendly introduction

thanks to a specific roll-out package and standardized processes


How to keep track of complex manufacturing operations, down to even the smallest machine parameters and across plants? The household appliance manufacturer BSH faced this challenge. Thanks to its user-friendliness and a standardized roll-out, the Condition Monitoring Application from the Nexeed Industrial Application System today allows for cross-plant transparency at 16 plants.


For specific use cases, the software collects the data from the machines, harmonizes it and makes it accessible for the employees. This means production can be monitored easily and optimized in the long term. During the initial introductory phase of the application, use cases such as monitoring the temperature and pressure values of machines were implemented. To allow for a fast response in the event of an emergency, employees initially determine the rules themselves. For example, the temperature at a particular point in a press should not exceed 65 °C. At the same time, the employees determine how the software ought to respond in an emergency, for instance by sending an e-mail to the responsible maintenance engineers. The engineers will see a graphic representation on their tablet, showing the temperature and pressure curves, enabling them to draw conclusions as to the cause of the problem and take appropriate remedial action.

Remark on the software solution used: BSH Hausgeräte is currently using the software solution Nexeed Production Performance Manager. The individual applications Condition Monitoring, Process Quality and Ticket Management are being transferred to the Nexeed Industrial Application System, where they are developed further. The use cases described here can now be realized with the Nexeed Industrial Application System.

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