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White paper: your data-driven project in 4 steps

How to effectively use your products’ life cycle data

Unearth your data treasures!

Unearth your data treasures!

Did you know that around 70 percent of all data available to companies currently remains unused? Yet these bits and bytes are a true treasure chest full of useful information – and with great potential. Data across the product life cycle not only contributes to continuous product improvement. It can also deliver financial added value, for example by avoiding expensive product recalls through simple localization of faulty components or machines.

However, many companies lack a clear understanding of how data can add value in use cases – and how to approach a data-driven project in the first place. Therefore, we support you in 4 simple steps to unearth your data treasure!

Check out our new white paper and learn how the experts from Bosch Connected Industry accompany you step by step: from the inventory and the selection of your use case to analyzing your data structures and preparing the data to scaling your solution for further projects. Benefit from practical checklists and valuable tips.

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