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The iceberg model for digital transformation in manufacturing

Hidden success factors and how to implement them

Avoid the iceberg that might hit your digital change

Avoid the iceberg that might hit your digital change

Have you ever wondered why so many digitalization projects fall short of reaching their goals or even fail altogether? In most cases, this can be attributed to five distinct factors, as various studies show across all industries. However, many companies only focus on the more obvious, technical requirements when planning their digitalization projects. Equally important aspects – such as cultural factors or a broader strategic framework – remain hidden below the surface.

Bosch looks back on more than ten years of experience in digitalizing manufacturing operations. Based on this experience, we have developed the iceberg model. In our new white paper, we describe the two layers of the iceberg in detail. We explain the challenges and identify success factors which help to overcome them. Additionally, we included our proven seven-step transformation program – so you can avoid colliding with your own digitalization iceberg.

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