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Your entrance ticket to the Catena-X data space

The first certified Digital Twin Registry

Redefining battery production

Creating space for collaboration in the automotive industry

With the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V., the automotive industry has launched an initiative to establish common standards. The vision: a trustworthy, collaborative, open, and secure data ecosystem where all users can share information from the entire value chain or lifecycle of vehicles. The Digital Twin Registry, a tool from the Bosch Semantic Stack portfolio, provides the digital foundation for these collaborative data spaces. It allows digital twins to be created and managed in a decentralized manner. All data from the various phases of the product lifecycle can be brought together in a digital twin via the registry. The Digital Twin Registry has received the official certification from Catena-X. This makes it the first and so far only registry to meet the necessary interoperability and quality standards to gain access to the Catena-X data space.

Creating space for collaboration in the automotive industry

Data sovereignty thanks to Digital Twin Registry and Aspect Model Catalog

Data sovereignty thanks to Digital Twin Registry and Aspect Model Catalog

The use of a decentralized Digital Twin Registry makes it possible to share information from different companies while maintaining the respective data sovereignty. Each user in the data space only shares what he or she wants and what is necessary for the respective use case. The user's own data always remains in the company's own registry and is protected from unauthorized access. The same applies to the Aspect Model Catalog, another Bosch Semantic Stack tool that manages aspects and aspect models. Here, too, data sovereignty is retained, while aspects and aspect models can be made easily available in the data space at the same time.

The use cases from the Catena-X network

The Digital Twin Registry enables companies to create and manage digital twins. It is the entrance ticket to numerous use cases both within the own company and across company boundaries in the Catena-X data space. There is a wide range of possible use cases for flexible supply chain management. The focus is on both sustainability and data sovereignty.

Our tools for sovereign data exchange in the Catena-X data space

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