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Device intergration


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In addition to the Control plus Studio development tool, the basic system offers a large number of encapsulated, tested and reusable objects: They form a standardized device interface in the software so that devices of different types can be addressed and operated in the same way. From drive axes to transfer belts, data carrier access or measurement and analysis hardware, you will find the right objects in our library for devices from numerous manufacturers. If a required device is not stored in the object library, then the appropriate object can be created by you yourself or by us at any time.

Object Library

Object Library

We have already reproduced well over 400 machine components in our object library. These objects are managed in our library, regularly expanded with updates and kept up-to-date. If required, programmers can easily add the objects they have created themselves. They can use their usual development environment to do this and then import the individually programmed objects. Regardless of their source, all objects can be integrated into the project using drag & drop and linked directly into sequence chains (SFC). In this way, projects with precisely the right objects can be implemented quickly and easily.

ECAE (Toolbox)

With the ECAE module, Nexeed Automation offers a sample circuit diagram on the basis of which circuit diagrams can be efficiently created in EPLAN. In addition to the sample circuit diagram, we also offer the appropriate macro library for the software object library, which can be used to effortlessly assemble the circuit diagram for Control plus projects. The interface to Control plus makes it possible to easily export configured devices to Control plus Studio. The file created contains basic information such as, for example, the bus structure, configured devices as well as interface texts in several languages, which are available ad hoc in the software programming. Thanks to standardized sample circuit diagrams, ready-made macros and an efficient tool chain, effort and errors along the value chain can be significantly reduced.


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