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Nexeed Industrial Application System

The factory at a glance

Nexeed Industrial Application System

In modern production, there are many individual points of view on machines, processes and data. Whether it is a detailed or a meta level consideration – the different perspectives have one thing in common: They require a lean, forward-looking and connected process that provides guidance and offers a common basis for value creation.

This is exactly what the Nexeed Industrial Application System does: Whether you work in production management, line responsibility or maintenance, you always get all the information you need for your day-to-day work – the factory at a glance, so to speak.

We connect manufacturing and intralogistics

Video Nexeed Industrial Application System

Because of our domain competence in manufacturing and intralogistics, we offer you directly applicable solutions that have been tried and tested in practice. Scalability is elementary: Everyone can control the speed and costs of implementation themselves. All modules are interoperable, access the same data and work together optimally. In addition, open interfaces ensure maximum flexibility so that you can implement your own innovations even faster. Learn more about the Nexeed Industrial Application System in this video.

The IIoT system connects manufacturing and intralogistics. It optimizes production processes in terms of transparency, agility, costs, quality, and time.

Improve your KPIs in manufacturing and intralogistics

Increase productivity

Reduce maintenance costs

Increase utilization rate of logistics assets

We digitalize the factory of the future

The areas of application for the Nexeed Industrial Application System grow continuously with your requirements. The IIoT system addresses the challenges and pain points of the respective users. Arising out of real needs, it will also remain true to its credo in the future: Corresponding to customer requirements, the Nexeed Industrial Application System will be further developed in an agile and iterative manner according to UX principles.

Areas of Use of the Nexeed Industrial Application System

The area of use of the Nexeed Industrial Application System at a glance.

Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor Management

All those responsible for production need transparent manufacturing in order to make decisions that increase efficiency. Thanks to a comprehensive overview, shopfloor management enables the continuous optimization of ongoing production - from the individual level all the way up to the global production network.

Product & Quality

Product & Quality

The smallest deviations can turn a workpiece into scrap. Product & Quality provides exactly the information needed to optimize production with regard to quality - and in real time. In this way, errors can be detected quickly, causes can be narrowed down and measures can be taken before rejects occur.

Machine & Equipment

Machine & Equipment

A comprehensive picture of the current machine status facilitates short-term decisions in the event of errors or malfunctions. With Machine & Equipment, production and machine data can be collected centrally, analyzed and visualized - and based on this, rules for monitoring the process chain can be formulated.



Using synchronized material flow and intelligent supermarkets, Intralogistics ensures that all materials arrive where they are needed at the right time. Full transparency about the whereabouts and availability of materials and milk runs optimizes internal transport and warehouse management.



Execution helps to keep an overview in manufacturing. The area of use enables efficient and flexible management of manufacturing orders. This always ensures a smooth manufacturing process with maximum output, which can also be controlled conveniently and centrally.

Operating Base

Operating Base

Operating Base enables the centralized management of all the modules as well as their user groups. The essential basic functionalities ensure the three most important properties of a future-oriented IT ecosystem: homogeneity, interoperability and security, even beyond the digital factory boundaries.

Valueable Extension

Valuable Extension

The Nexeed Industrial Application System provides the Valuable Extensions for cross-divisional challenges - independent solutions for common challenges in manufacturing and intralogistics. The Valuable Extensions can be easily integrated into existing areas of use or modules. New, value-added functions are immediately available for overall use.

Benefits at a glance:

Greater availability and competitiveness

Meaningful real-time data ensure production and delivery capability

Faster response thanks to data transparency

Early error detection reduces downtimes to a minimum

Future-proof and maximum flexibility

High scalability, regular updates and extensions

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