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Optimize material flows

Digitalization of the internal material flow – with the IIoT Software Nexeed Industrial Application System

Higher transparency for intelligent intralogistics

The material flow is crucial for smooth production processes. Our intralogistics solutions make sure that all required material arrives at its internal destination at the right time. By linking the real and the digital material flow, the software informs every logistics employee which and how many production materials and vehicles are available and where they are located in real time. The entire milk run fleet is stored in the system, including loading capacity, speed, live position and loading status. Routes can be adjusted statically, semi-dynamically or dynamically as required.

This saves time and prevents unnecessary empty runs. All AGVs are managed and controlled via a central, manufacturer-independent access. Supermarkets are also fully digitalized: staff saves time for manual bookings; a visual system shows the right material lane on any device. In the future, further challenges will be met, e.g. heterogenous driverless transport systems (AGV). Thanks to common control systems and order management, even a mixed fleet acts as a unit. This reduces monitoring efforts, facilitates traffic planning, and enables new ways of cooperative collaboration.

Intralogistics from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Intralogistics in the Nexeed Industrial Application System

As an area of use of the Nexeed Industrial Application System, Intralogistics addresses the specific challenges and pain points of a certain user group. The areas of use and their modules can be configured and assembled according to individual needs. This way, every user receives optimum support in everyday use.

Intralogistics area of use from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Modules at a glance

Stock Management

Stock Management

The Stock Management module digitalizes the internal material flow and facilitates logisticians’ work. Thanks to the newly gained transparency, they always know the position and quantity of production materials. The material and information flows are synchronized in real time. In the plus version, all material movements are automatically recorded and booked via RFID, barcode, and sensor solutions at the individual lanes.

Transport Management

Transport Management

The Transport Management module plans and optimizes the entire internal transport with milk runs in real time. All vehicles are registered in the system with their characteristics such as loading capacities and scheduled routes. The optimal route for each milk run is calculated from live data such as current loading status, position, and degree of loading.

AGV Transport Orders

AGV Transport Orders

It takes an intelligent order administration to make sure that material and goods are at the right place at the right time. The AGV Transport Order module manages all orders from third-party systems, splits them into the required steps and makes sure that they are prioritized according to the current order situation. In combination with the Stock Management module, all supermarkets can be synchronized.

Further modules to follow

Further modules to follow

The Nexeed Industrial Application System is an agile software that is developed in an iterative manner together with its users. We are continuously creating new modules for each area of use, which we will make available to you shortly.

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