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Machine & Equipment

Minimize downtimes

Machine & Equipment – Minimize downtimes

Permanent overview of machine conditions and maintenance processes

Machines are the heart of production. With Machine & Equipment, the responsible employees know precisely what their status is and where expensive tools are located at all times. Production and machine data are centrally collected, harmonized, and visualized. This creates a comprehensive picture of the current machine status, which enables employees to make short-term decisions in the event of errors or disruptions and to perform corrective maintenance activities faster, more efficiently and more sustainably. The dashboard provides users with exactly the required information for higher-level production and resource planning, or for upcoming maintenance tasks.

The latter can also be updated with additional information, which makes work a lot easier for maintenance staff. Evaluation options, such as sorting according to the frequency of an error message, are also available for long-term efficiency increases. Complex and costly tools or components can also be monitored and maintained individually. In the future, the Machine & Equipment area of use will be successively expanded to include further modules and functionalities. For example, preventive and autonomous maintenance will be successively integrated. This will allow the ideal maintenance strategy to be worked out for each individual case.

Machine & Equipment from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Machine & Equipment in the Nexeed Industrial Application System

As an area of use of the Nexeed Industrial Application System, Machine & Equipment addresses the specific challenges and pain points of a certain user group. The areas of use and their modules can be configured and assembled according to individual needs. This way, every user receives optimum support in everyday use.

Machine & Equipment area of use from the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Modules at a glance

Condition Monitoring with the Nexeed Industrial Application System

Condition Monitoring

The Condition Monitoring module provides essential information for overall production and resource planning, as well as for preventive and predictive maintenance. production and machine data can be centrally collected, harmonized, and retrieved on any device. A set of pre-configured rules makes it possible to control defined parameters in the manufacturing process. This leads to faster reaction times in case of faults and facilitates systematic optimization.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Production failures cause high downtime costs. It is therefore particularly important to localize the causes of faults, to eliminate problems quickly, and to prevent future failures. That is the task of the Maintenance Management module. The web application helps make corrective maintenance faster, more effectively and more sustainably. Open tasks can be posted and stored with additional information. This significantly facilitates the execution of service tasks.

Tool Management

Tool Management

Where is a particular tool and what is its condition? Modern tools, for example in the field of plastic injection molding, have a high degree of complexity. Fixed maintenance intervals are no longer appropriate. Here, the Tool Management module takes over: it provides a central location where the production tools in the system can be maintained and monitored. Automated rules and notifications reduce response times and prevent machine defects and quality shortcomings in the product.

Further modules to follow

Further modules to follow

The Nexeed Industrial Application System is an agile software that is developed in an iterative manner together with its users. We are continuously creating new modules for each area of use, which we will make available to you shortly.

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