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Shopfloor Performance Insights

Full transparency on important KPIs

With Shopfloor Performance Insights, all important key performance indicators of machines and lines are available at a glance

All key figures at machine and line level

Benefits at a glance:

Efficient reporting

Automatic aggregation, calculation and visualization of important KPIs

Immediate transparency increase

Current overview of machine/line productivity for timely company control

Increased productivity and efficiency

Increased production output without additional investment in new equipment

Transparency at the highest level

Transparency plays a decisive role in production to increase equipment efficiency. In particular, the current calculation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) enables fact-based decisions. Nevertheless, this elementary key figure as well as other KPIs are often still monitored and calculated manually. We have bundled functionalities of the Nexeed Industrial Application System in a customized package to address this challenge:

The Shopfloor Performance Insights package provides an optimal overview of machine availability and production status by automatically calculating production-related KPIs, especially OEE, based on current machine data and by making them available on a daily basis. Irregularities are more easily detected using real-time data from shifts, lines, stations and individual machines; downtimes are reduced in the long term.

Limit violations, losses and unexpected events can also be clearly visualized and collected in a database to ensure a retrospective analysis of the calculated KPIs. In addition to the high level of transparency, those responsible also benefit from reduced manual efforts such as manual data entry. This gives them more time for more valuable activities such as optimizing production processes, which the package provides the necessary data basis for. The package includes licenses of the Nexeed Industrial Application System as well as services such as training, business configuration, support, software operation, a kickoff workshop and maintenance of the software. This ensures easy implementation and use.

Transparency at the highest level

Elements of the package


All necessary licenses are integrated

Software operations

Software as a service provided in Bosch cloud, operation and monitoring of the software and infrastructure

Service & support

Support in case of software errors as well as user problems


Regular software updates

Kickoff workshop for value stream integration

Value stream definition and coordination of project details

Business configuration

Machine connection and configuration

Enabling & training

Change impact analysis and trainings for users and admins


Provision of a gateway server for machine integration

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