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Nexeed connects production and logistics

One thing is certain: the Factory of the Future is not possible without software. In the background, intelligent software solutions ensure the connection of humans, machines and components. Bosch Connected Industry bundles these solutions in a comprehensive portfolio under the name Nexeed. Nexeed Industry 4.0 solutions simplify the daily work of employees and optimize production in terms of transparency, agility, cost, quality and time.

Field-proven solutions for more efficiency

We develop solutions from practice for practice, with a clear focus on the customer benefit. Discover success stories from various industries:

Kuehne + Nagel

Optimization of material flows in multimodal transports at Kuehne + Nagel

In a pilot project, Nexeed Track and Trace ensure transparency of multimodal inbound goods flows. The shipments and their condition are tracked in real time at defined milestones across all stakeholders. Interfaces with the Kuehne + Nagel system ensure shorter reaction times thanks to defined alarm funtions.


Maximum process transparency in automotive component production

At the BMW Landshut plant, the Nexeed Production Performance Manager ensures higher production transparency of components in the Interieur division. Relevant parameters can be monitored in real time, for instance during the backfoaming of cockpit parts. The software uses the data to derive predictions about wear and makes it possible to compare individual foaming processes directly.

nox NachtExpress: electronic container evidence in real time in overnight express

Electronic container evidence in real time in overnight express at nox NachtExpress

Nexeed Track and Trace creates transparency about container inventory. Around 4,000 sensors send the position of their load carrier into the cloud. This enables the analysis and optimization of the logistics network.

Full transparency of multimodal supply chains at Panalpina

Full transparency of multimodal supply chains at Panalpina

Real-time tracking reliably monitors cost-intensive and time-critical transports from the factory to the customer – whether on the road or in the air. Thanks to Nexeed Track and Trace, reaction times can be reduced from 6 hours to 3 minutes.

Higher safety and efficiency for calibration systems at HBM

Higher safety and efficiency for calibration systems at HBM

The Nexeed Production Performance Manager „translates“ data into concrete instructions, warnings or overviews for evaluations. The solution ensures greater safety, higher efficiency and maximum system availability. This was already evident in the first days after commissioning at HBM, where the system was able to prevent a failure.